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Attention Customers!
If you are a Corporate, government or public company?
Then this is for you!

National campaigns: Billboard truck advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising you will ever get when running a National campaign, reaching massive exposure in and between all major cities in South Africa.

Our truck billboards travel cross country from City to City and averaging 12000km – 15000km per month.

Let’s face it, old fashioned Static-billboards have been completely overpriced to the consumer due to the monopoly of advertising giants.

Here are a few reasons why we put money back into our customers pockets:

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For starters the trip is already subsidised by the goods supplier wanting to have their cargo delivered

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The average billboard size is only 6m x 3m (18 square meters of exposure). Our Branded Super Link Trucks are double sided 12m x 2.4m & 6m x 2.4m (x 2) that’s 86.4 square meters of exposure, which is more than times the amount of printed tarpaulin. There as you can see your cost of advertising per square meter drops exceptionally compared to any other form of old fashioned static outdoor billboard advertising

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Static billboards on highways usually reach a maximum viewership of 80 000 – 100,000 eyes der day, travelling across South Africa means that we quadruple the viewership rate

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Advertising at Eye level on our roads means that your advertising cannot be missed

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And of course, lets not forget how slow trucks are and in reality how often do you get stuck behind a truck or have a traffic jam because a truck it turning across a road in peak hour traffic?

Why we are the industry leader

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We lead the market through service delivery

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With us you get value for money

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Your advertising artwork is always maintained

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Our trucks travel nationwide

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Up to 16 Superlink trucks available and growing

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Your advertisment can reach over 150 000 views per day

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Your MASSIVE advertisement cannot be missed!

Our Professional Services include:

  Through the line graphic design and digital printing

  12 000 / 16 000kms travel time per truck, per month

  We guarantee city to city exposure

  We have GPS Tracking on all trucks

  We supply a driver, vehicle, petrol and insurance

  We deliver within 5-7 working days after artwork approval

We absorb costs on all theft and damage to the artwork and guarantee full replacement within 1-2 working days at no extra cost during the campaign duration

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