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We are the FIRST in SA to do illuminated trailers!

On The Road Media is leading the industry through excellent service delivery and value for money
Our production team will work with you every step of the way to ensure quality, high impact billboards that we will flight and position for you

Logistical experts will make sure your billboard gets positioned at locations that will give your advertising maximum exposure, often reaching over 150 000 views per day

Our massive 3 sided mobile billboards cannot be missed!

Various contract options are available

Start your own campaign from only R6995 (Gauteng), R19 980 (Cape Town) per month.

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Why we are the industry leader

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With us you get value for money

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Your advertising trailers are always maintained

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We have a team of logistical experts, making sure your billboard gets moved and positioned correctly

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Your mobile billboard can be moved at your request AT ANY TIME to any event or location such as traffic hotspots, intersections, events, shows or expo's

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Your mobile billboard can reach over 150 000 views per day

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Your MASSIVE 3 sided mobile billboard cannot be missed!

Our Professional Services include:

 Through the line graphic design and digital printing

 We identify your hotspot and target markets

 We guarantee 24 hour exposure, 30 days per month (in Johannesburg)

 We guarantee 12 hour exposure (in Cape Town)

 We move your billboard to 4+ spots monthly. We are also flexible for special requests

 We supply a driver, vehicle, petrol and insurance

 Our team will inform you with visual updates everytime your billboard moves

 We deliver within 3 working days after artwork approval

We absorb costs on all theft and damage to the artwork and trailer & guarantee full replacement within 24 hours at no extra cost during the campaign duration.

Benefits of Mobile Billboards

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Compared to other advertising choices, Mobile Billboards are much more cost-effective

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Your brand creates a strong visual presence

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Your message will be undeniable and can’t be ignored by anyone

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Roll-out is quick with no booking time needed to get started

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Mobile Billboards can be reused, anytime, anywhere

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Competitors’ Ads will not surround your advertisement

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