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Another Happy Client ! Irish Rock

Date: 3 December 2021

Written by: OCD Marketing

In-Store and Office Branding!

Date: 18 November 2020 Written by: OCD Marketing

We are an essential service!

Date: 13 May 2020 Written by: OCD Marketing

Advertising .... a good choice in tough times

Date: 19 March 2020 Written by: OCD Marketing

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, OCD Marketing would like to assure our valued customers of our unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional service. Whilst implementing all possible safety precautions, as advised by the President of South Africa, we continue working for you and for your best product / service experience.

Why is now the time to advertise?

  • Because you’re open. Simply put, if you’re open for business, you need to market your business to attract customers.
  • Because bad times = good opportunities. In a slow economy, some of your competitors will likely pull back on their marketing, downsize, or even go out of business. When the pie becomes smaller, your slice becomes comparatively bigger, and your odds of securing new customers greater.
  • Because repetition works. It’s often said that consumers don’t fully recall brands until they’ve seen them 6 or 7 times. Without realizing it, people tend to drift over ads that are less familiar and linger on ads they recognize—so don’t advertise once or twice and expect to see direct results
  • Because confidence matters. Advertising, particularly in a well-regarded medium, indicates confidence in your business. Your visibility in the marketplace lends credibility to your organization and makes people feel secure about doing business with you. Customers want to do business with winners
  • Because tough times make tough customers. The economy may be slowly recovering, but until the outlook is rosy, many consumers will pull back on their wants and focus more on their needs. Can you convince your audience that your particular product or service is something they truly need? Consider your messaging and see if you can hone in on a vital benefit of your offerings. Can you offer long-term benefits or short-term gain? Either of these could make the case for buying now. And even in a recession, people still buy.
  • Because customers love to jump on a deal. If you’ve shied away from offering discounts and sales incentives in the past, a slow economy may be a good time to test the waters on this tactic. People love a good bargain—and love to tell others about them, too. Time limits -The added urgency of these deals creates a quick blaze of excitement for your business
  • Because you have more advertising choice than ever

Now is the time to get creative and get out of your comfort zone. Experiment with different types of media. Our clients have found that adding on google ads, social media and email marketing coupled with their mobile billboards increases awareness and revenue.

OCD Marketing

OCD Marketing

The solution is this ... Lets work together.

  • Be more specific on who your target market is. Get involved with us!
  • Communicate to us on positions where your mobile billboard is most effective.
  • Location, Location, Location…This is vital information that we need from you. Monitor your response and keep us informed.
Why mobile Billboards?

Price, size, flexibility, Service

  • SIZE : Because size does matter! Our mobile billboards are big, really big, eye level, 3 sided and cannot be missed.
  • PRICE : Compared to other mediums of Outdoor advertising, our mobile billboards are the most cost effective form of advertising that you can get for your money.
  • FLEXIBILITY : It offers a full 360 degree radius of advertising around your business whereas static billboards are expensive and obviously can not rotate around your business proximity. Specific and targeted audience. It offers an opportunity to try different areas, identify hot spots and attract the paying customer .

Guarantee like no other:

Unlike other trailer advertising companies we give our customers 24 Hour replacement guarantee at no extra charge. WHY? because we take YOUR business seriously. Our guarantee is there to make sure our customers have as little down time as possible because we understand that time is money. So if your artwork is damaged, ripped or stolen. HECK!! if the whole trailer goes missing!!! We have it replaced in 24 Hours!

Maximum exposure for Bryanston Toyota.

Date: 17 Oct 2019 Written by: OCD Marketing

“I was looking for the biggest exposure at as many locations with limited budget” - Riaan Grobler (Bryanston Toyota)

When Randburg Toyota relocated to their new premises in Bryanston they wanted to share the exciting news.

Looking for a way to do this without breaking the budget, Riaan Grobler, dealer principle of Bryanston Toyota turned to the leaders in trailer advertising. “I chose OCD Marketing’s advertising trailer because I was looking for the biggest exposure at as many locations with a limited budget”

The Bryanston Toyota campaign consists of 6 mobile billboards located at selected hotspots in the Sandton area. Each trailer is relocated to another hotspot on a weekly basis to ensure maximum exposure.

Over the 2 month campaign the 6 mobile billboards will offer exposure to over 600 000 potential customers.

Visit the new state of the art Bryanston Toyota premises at cnr Wiliam Nicol and Peter Place, Bryanston (011) 886 4735

Talk to us about your next advertising campaign.

Gauteng: sales@ocdmarketing.co.za
Cape Town: coffee@ocdmarketing.co.za

OCD Marketing

OCD Marketing

We have some exciting news!

Date: 07 Oct 2019 Written by: OCD Marketing

Thanks to your continued support and loyalty OCD Marketing has expanded to offer our services and products to the Western Cape.

Now you can increase your advertising reach even further with a company you know and trust to give your the best customer service and quality products.

Our Cape Town team is ready to assist you with your next advertising campaign!

Our new Cape Town office is located at Unit 10, Inospace Park, 43 Milner Road, Paarden Island

Enquiries on sales@ocdmarketing.co.za

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